Tuesday, December 5, 2017

New sofa covers.

One of my latest creations is a new lining for a sofa. It took me almost two weeks to finish it. The sofa is very big, but according to me the final effect is wonderful. All the covers are removable with zips and velcro, so my task was to measure everything precisely and sew the cushions exactly the same size. The most difficult part of the project was the cutting of the fabric, as there was a tremendous quantity of it. I needed half of the living room floor to cut the pieces. For all the sofa I used almost 12 meters of double width fabric. It was the first time I've used that amount of material for a single project.

Here are two additional photos of the old sofa, with the covers with quite old-fashioned pattern. As I forgot to take the photos before I have started, in the second image you can see some of the cushions already "dressed off".

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Hooded poncho towels.

Yesterday I've added new poncho towel to my Etsy shop. This time I've sewn a polar bear: link. I've started sewing poncho towels this summer. The first pieces I've sewn as a birthday present for a friends' son. These were owl and hippo:

I really liked to sew them, because each one is different and they are so nice. The following towels I've made for my etsy shop. The animals I've chosen are a puppy, a cow, a fox and a polar bear:

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Recent news.

Recently a lot of changes happened in my life. The most important is that I finished AFOL MODA "Sartoria Avanzada" course in Milan: AFOL MODA. After the course I had an internship with Stephan Janson. I've learned a lot of things and now I'm sewing a lot.
Here is the most fancy dress that I've made during the course as en exercise in moulage (that is "draping on mannequin" technique):